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Student ages

18 months to 9 years


8.30am - 12.30pm

Number of Classes


At Savants our philosophy revolves around the concept that Children learn through doing.

We believe children learn through their play.

Through integrating art, music, nature, creative movement, sensory materials, free and dramatic play, cooking, science, stories, and outdoor play, the children explore the environment and become knowledgeable and comfortable in their interactions with the world.

Our preschoolers have a lot of fun while building a bond with the natural world. From hiking in Central Park to planting in our home-grown garden, we discover wonders everywhere. We learn about ecosystems and how to “read” nature. We hike, picnic, and learn about seasons, plants, friendly animals, and friendship. Our children are provided with many different types of experiences to aid them in exploring their world and developing a deep and abiding connection with it.

We encourage collaboration and community involvement to create an atmosphere where school becomes an extension of the family. As an environment in which teacher, parent, and student interactions involve strong connections, enriching experiences, and responsibility, we aim to engage not only our students but also entire families.




Emotionally, we want each child to feel loved and secure when they come to school. Preschool is a time to separate from mom and dad and gain some self-confidence. At Savants ELS we foster a positive self-concept in each child by expressing acceptance and respect by honoring the individual efforts and unique success of each child. This loving approach lets each child know that they are important and loved as they begin taking their first steps to independence.


Play Group

Socially, children are learning to relate to others. Children will learn to play, work and communicate with their peers and adults, adjust to group situations, accept others even though they may be different from themselves, develop a sense of community and accept change in their environment and routines. Children learn to share, to consider the feelings of others, to take turns, to follow rules, to use good manners, and to be respectful of adults. Your child’s teacher will not only instruct and guide your child in these areas, but will also model this cooperative spirit when interacting with other teachers, parents and staff at Savants.


Nursery-Class 2

Physically, children are growing every day! We daily provide activities for children to develop gross motor and fine motor coordination. While playing outside children enjoy gross motor activities such as climbing, sliding, swinging, jumping, pedaling, running, and throwing. In the classroom children develop fine-motor coordination through coloring, cutting, gluing, pasting, painting, stringing, sorting, snapping, and manipulating small objects. These activities help develop and are the foundation for the hand-eye coordination necessary for paper and pencil tasks they will encounter later in their schooling.